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Rusty Cage I

This rusting cage of life is free;

it’s how we live and came to be.

Our vying efforts replenish the tree,

while tabling comforts, befavouring we.

Its corrosive endowment, dissuades our

plea, and thrusts itself upon that we see.

While furthering lifestyle, doth make us

complete, our lifetime of living most lustful

in deed.

And all this, I ask for, and know to be true;

it’s just to be near you, to be with, to know you.

As time is the essence that sees, we believe,

that everyone wants what we would conceive.

And seasons, the meter that blends through

our days, the moments that lead through these painful arrays, of sudden and glancing blows to our dreams, and squandered injustice on souls,

so it seems.

© 2019 Dayglow Black. All rights reserved.

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