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Road Trip To No Where I

Distorted prison, tats from hell,

endless stories though they tell,

ride that stainless wishing well,

for all the days until you’re well.

Metal mirror, cold white cell,

reflecting daily, getting well,

distorted memories, distant dreams,

all within this living shell.

Daily doubles, pay per ware,

inducing stupor’s distant stare,

count the miles, on white square tiles,

unending road to no where.

Contorted prison, tats from hell,

storied memories tho, they tell,

red hot rack, white slumbered swells,

beware that stainless wishing well.

Padded doors, and muffled calls,

inmates stored within these walls,

distorted lives, and trifled beings,

toil beneath these white tiled ceilings.

Daily groupings, mandate trust,

emptied, scarred, despaired, we must,

count the dots, on white tiled squares,

on mindless road to no where.

© 2020 Dayglow Black. All rights reserved.

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