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Obsidian Disorder I

Coadjutor congenator, that piques in persuasion; regenerates in verse, its gruesome contagion.

As hope and redemption, are platitudes now;

Obsidian Disorder has taken its vow.

Reflecting, our thoughts, go deep and then wide, the vivid abyss soon enters its stride.

With stunning hypocrisy, medial monocracy; supremecy, theocracy, wreaks of autocracy.

Hope and redemption as platitudes now;

Obsidian Disorder advances to prowl.

Impressing our thoughts, goes wide and then deep, the vivid abyss pervades while we sleep.

This loathsome vile scene, and all that has been,

the birth of all that was left in-between.

Our hope and redemption, now met with suppression; Obsidian Disorder has taken confession.

Of our inner thoughts, that go deep and unwind,

the vivid abyss has invaded to find.

Iambic calamitor, depleting parameter, and

feeling no shame, the compressing diameter.

© 2019 Dayglow Black. All rights reserved.

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