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Caste of Dispersion I

I don’t wish to caste dispersions or be seen as one who would, but in this living dance with death it seems that I sure could.

With POTUS failing, caterwauling, guhvmint sailing, off the end, this 2-D image, leaves no scrimmage, can’t we all just comprehend.

Smartest, bestest, biggest brain, we’ve all been hearing, all in vain, this blathered bogart, standard dotard, bringing on this endless pain.

His mindless banter, ill-decantered, senseless dunce, not only once, he’s filled with pride, his vainful ride, unto his ends, we’re set aside.

With mindful glory, ‘murkuh’s story, in-bred orgy, on red tide, endless shortly, mindless glory,

getting gory, on his ride.

© 2020 Dayglow Black. All rights reserved.

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