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Angry Dangler I

Returns my vision, thoughts bestow,

these truths of life, I cannot know,

and seeing lies, and truth in tow,

I turn my vision, angst below.

Jihadi John

I delve into my distant past,

I’m target rich and wrapped in glass.

The millstone cuts, and grinds the bone,

no lifeless burden, can atone.

My sense of self, this lifelong bent,

what’s left within me, hell’s bequest;

these inner daemons, heaven sent,

they fill the void, my lifelong guests.

Millstone wrapped around my neck,

there’s no rest now, this is the test.

This life less burdened, can’t atone,

I’ve felt the weight, I’ll caste the stone.

Jihad Jane

(And) never ending duel of prides,

how can I end this lifelong ride.

This millstone weight, this satan’s nest,

what’s left within me, buttons pressed.

One can’t atone, this caste I’ll throw,

this grinding stone that cuts the bone,

I can’t undo my distant past,

I’m bourn this way, as witnessed caste.

And feeling my life’s faith implode,

I turn my vision, angst bestowed,

and seeing my strife, caste this stone,

impugning my life’s ancient soul.

Returns my vision, angst inside,

this truth bereft, this web of lies,

destroying vision, ends these lives,

and leaves this deadly will inside.

© 2020 Dayglow Black. All rights reserved.

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